abandon all hope ye robots who enter


 Dr. Inferno ]|[

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  • Built 2015 - 2018
  • Powered by 2 little motors; chains provide 4WD
  • Dr. Inferno Jr.'s torso lives on!
  • Status: complete & wowing adults & kids at fun demos & presentations

STORY: First, there was Dr. Inferno. Then, his son, Dr. Inferno Jr., took the robot combat world by storm (or, at least, by surprise). After attending some local student robot combat events at NTMA, I learned that most of the students were using a slick little RRevo kit. My son had just turned 2, so this seemed like an appropriate father-son project.

I amputated Dr. Inferno Jr.'s torso, built up the base kit, found a Radio Shack Robie Jr. on Craigslist, & mushed it all together to create the grandson in the prestigious Dr. Inferno family line. The bot is a bit top- & front-heavy, so I designed 20 (TWENTY!) different front forks, with limited upward travel, to prevent faceplants. He's now adequately stable & a veritable Swiss Army knife of modlarity.

Dr. Inferno ]|[ has appeared at GoEngineer's "Shape Your World 2017" event, SolidWorks World 2017, & various schools & daycares in Orange County, CA. More recently, he was on display at the BattleBots 2019 taping & has been spotted in holiday disguise at Halloween & Christmas the last few years.

SPECS: Weight around 27 lb, making it the correct weight for just about no real competition, so he'll probably be just for demos & for fun. The mechanicals consist of two little motors with planetary gearboxes, 2 sets of dainty chains & sprockets, lots of aluminum panels, & a 16-year-old torso that was apparently fabricated to be far too robust. The electronics are a pair of 2-channel ESCs, a cost-effective binding radio, & a pair of modern Lithium batteries.

TECH DETAILS: Underneath the extensive red anodized aluminum panels, the electronics found are an Equals Zero 12.8V 2.2Ah LiFePO4 battery for the drivetrain, a Thunder Power 18.5V 2.25Ah LiPo battery for the weapons, a pair of Equals Zero Ragebridge V1 mixing dual ESCs, & a Fingertech mini power switch for each circuit, all controlled by a Hobby King HK-TR6A V2 6-channel 2.4GHz radio receiver. Mechanicals include 2 generic PMDC motors with planetary gearboxes, which direct-drive 2 wheels & drive the other 2 wheels via #25 roller chain, 1/4" keyed aluminum frame, & 1/16" aluminum top/bottom panels. The front accepts 7 scoop/fork/ramp tines, for extreme customization options. The torso & weapon are anicent historical leftovers from Dr. Inferno Jr.'s glory days as a star of Comedy Central's BattleBots. For eyes, I kept it simple: a couple of super bright white LEDs, a resistor, & a 9V battery hot glued to the skull--leftovers from some custom pinball machine LED work I did. Under the white head, the red head has a pair of flickering red eyes.

SPONSORS: Contact me if interested!

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