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 Missing Link Image Gallery

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Robot combat returns to Fort Mason Center [photo: Donna Bardis]

Looking pretty before the event--same old Missing Link except for new tire scheme & stickers

So imposing!

Bringing the spear guns around on Chiabot--note the foliage on the floor from pruning with the chainsaw [photo: Jason Lehrbaum]

Jamming the scuba spear guns in for point-blank range projectile firing [photo: Jason Lehrbaum]

Not looking to hot after combat with Ziggo... [photo: Donna Bardis]

Wheeling him out after his altercation with Ziggo (aired on Comedy Central on 8/30/2000)

Wheels? Wheels? We don't need no stinkin' wheels!

The arena kill saws made quick work of titanium and kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber

It just wasn't the same after combat...

Ziggo managed to bend the pokers on the ugly stick exactly parallel!

Steel pokers pointing upward, composite armor on electronics box not fitting properly any more...

Lost a wheel, had it rewelded by Frank Ballard in Christian's crew, then lost it again in the rumble

I was able to simply re-fasten this side's wheel...

Can't miss the Infernolab table in the pits

Decided to ditch the tall 8" tires--they robbed the bot of pushing power

The old expoxied-on vacuum cleaner belts were resurrrected

The attachments that I used against Chiabot--first use of the spear guns in combat

New tire tread: screwed-on vacuum cleaner belts. I like the look--that medieval leather armor style

Sticking it to Dr. Inferno Jr. during a photo shoot gone bad...


Cruising over the obstacle course ramp [photo: Lauren Herold]

Setting up for capture-the-flag [photo: Lauren Herold]

Trying to flip over Gator in combat [photo: Lauren Herold]
Got him jammed against the wall [photo: Lauren Herold]

Gator riding up on Missing Link [photo: Lauren Herold]

Starting up the chainsaw for fight with Sublime [photo: Lauren Herold]

The aftermath of the carbide chainsaw [photo: Lauren Herold]

Jerome Miles and his well-ventilated bot [photo: Lauren Herold]

Exchaning pointy blows with Toe Crusher [photo: Lauren Herold]

Toe Crusher & Missing Link poking fun at each other [photo: Lauren Herold]

Taking a swing at the Green Dragon [photo: Lauren Herold]


Christian & I setting up in the studio parking lot

Missing Link & Toe Crusher sizing each other up

Chainsaw clutch forcibly removed from engine by way of fatigued crank shaft

Chainsaw engine's exposed crankshaft stump

Final Score: Missing Link:1, chain link fence: 0

Boo-boo on the empty parking lot



The Sony Culver City Studios (the mansion from Gone With the Wind)

On the set of the high-tech software company, Seluron

4 bicycle lights give it eyes, a mouth, and an antenna thingy

Bike handlebar tassles make for goofy hair, silver tape covers Craftsman chainsaw's logo

Random computer circuit board (modem?) makes it look high tech. They did name him "Circuits" after all

They said they wanted a more "human" look, so they wrapped it in beige fur...

We ran the chainsaw after the studio audience left (darn safety rules)


On pit table with protective tape on circular saw [photo: Laurie Seymour]

Hanging out with Dr. Inferno [photo: Laurie Seymour]

Various Missing Link parts strewn about [photo: Laurie Seymour]

Close-up of the big scary saw blade weapon [photo: Laurie Seymour]

What a fine safety record I have [photo: Derek Young]

Battling the Crusher

More battle with the Crusher

Overseeing the battle

Taking on the Spike of Doom

Retrieving Missing Link after combat in the BattleBox

Dragging him out after battle

Preparing to add a 2nd battery for extra long run time for the rumble

I'm in cable tie heaven!

Mounting 2nd battery with LOTS of cable ties

The kilobot rumble, Missing Link standing on his head

A bit tweaked after the rumble

Pooped out and packing up


Christian charging his batteries while I toil away

Sumo configuration: scoopy scoop & ugly stick

Facing off against Christian's Toe Crusher in sumo
Mighty shoving mat
Shoving the ugly stick all the way under Toe Crusher, a sneaky tactic

Prepping to run the obstacle course
The messy Infernolab table in the pit area


Scuba spear guns & gas-powered circular saw

Pointy ramming pokers & gas-powered chainsaw

Gas-powered circular saw & pointy ramming pokers

Gas-powered chainsaw & scuba spear guns

Carbon fiber armor over chainsaw gas tank

Scuba spear guns with servo-actuated triggers

Case-hardened steel pointy ramming pokers

Explaining the spear guns at the SORC meeting


Drivetrain: surplus motors, speed reducers, wheels, titanium wiener

Ball bearing speed reducer: high efficiency, quiet, no backlash

Motor drives speed reducer through flexible coupling, steel float wheel clamped to reducer

Concentric rings to float the motors in the center of the wiener shell

Drivetrain installed in wiener, tire tread of 14 epoxied-on vacuum cleaner belts

Assembled drivetrain. Bolts center drivetrain in wiener, motor wires snaking out of top

Electronics box mounted to wiener. Holds radio, speed control, 12V 7Ah battery

Contents of electronics box: big battery, Vantec speed controller, radio

Craftsman gas-powered chainsaw trigger assembly removed

Chainsaw engine throttle servo (top left), carbon/kevlar mounting panel, cheesy caster wheels (which I quickly replaced)

Assembled for the first time!

Note door hinges mounting chainsaw to wiener--ended up being too floppy

Carbon fiber armor later added to electronics box
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