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 Mini Inferno Image Gallery

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Mini Inferno


Friday morning, setting up for the race track qualifying round--Mini Inferno had no trouble getting in a few laps [photo: Christian Carlberg]

Action shot of running the course--note the elaborate & beautiful sets--bots emerged from that dark gate in the far corner--neat! [photo: Christian Carlberg]

Our worthy opponent through all 3 events, the Killer B, weighed in at 5x Mini Inferno's weight, and much much bigger all around [photo: Christian Carlberg]

The actual Mini Inferno/Killer B race--notice how the lighting really makes the track look fancy--those blurs on the right are the bots [photo: Donald Hutson]

Zoomed in detail of previous shot--Killer B speeding off to the right, Mini Inferno just touching down after catching some serious air [photo: Donald Hutson]

Sporting a blue jumpsuit with gold trim, in the fancy, clean, & well-lit pits, in preparation for the maze after running the speed demons race track event [photo: Christian Carlberg]

Taped up every single hole on the bot, and then some to keep the maze waterfall from getting us. Still, a few drops got in around the antenna (and were promptly absorbed by the mouse pad vibration damper cushioning the radio) [photo: Christian Carlberg]

Note the use of dual spikes for the maze--didn't want to use the scoops, which might've gotten Mini Inferno hung up on the obstacles [photo: Christian Carlberg]

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