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 Dr. Inferno Jr. Image Gallery

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The Dr. before going into his first fight against Afterburner [image: Team Mad Cow]

Practicing his stern game face [image: iQx2 Behind the Bots 5.0 Screen Show]

Season 3.0 winner banners tower above the pits [image: iQx2 Behind the Bots 5.0 Screen Show]

Banners provide inspiration and a sense of well-being to happy laborers below [image:Team Poison Fists]

Aftermath after Afterburner: amputated right arm & deep gouges across front flap [image: Team Mad Cow]

Is that a bag of kettle corn, or are you just happy to see me? [image: Team Mad Cow]


Prototype of the Dr. Inferno Jr. radio control toy--note incorrect graphics stickers

Just moments after scoring my first off-the-shelf toys. Click here to buy your own!

Basking in the glow of 6 Dr. Inferno Jr. toys

The copy they sent me in May looks just like the ones that hit the shelves in August


New 3/8" thick Hyzod flaps all around, and new replacement plastic torso

New custom saws that I designed with sponsor SystiMatic

Dual circular saws this time--no more dumb poker

Shortened up 1" from front to back because I switched to small NiCad batteries from big gel cells


Flipping Toe Crusher [image: Daniel Longmire & BattleBots]

Scooping Bad Habit to take him to the popper [image: Daniel Longmire & BattleBots]

Tossing the SALLAD--har har [image: Daniel Longmire & BattleBots]

Hanging out in the arena [image: Daniel Longmire & BattleBots]

360 SpinImage from the event [image: Autolycus & BattleBots]

I found this great big SystiMatic banner hung in the pits & the arena audience areas!

Had to pose--man, the doctor is awkward to hold!

Phew! That's one big nut!

The new lightweight BattleBots champion of the universe!

Post-rumble carnage--not much left [image: Stefan Nock ]

2-D & 3-D graph paper designs of a new motor mount concept, plus the finished aluminum part

2 of the new gearbox mounts ready to be bolted down

video footage by Peter Abrahamson & Christian Carlberg, video captures by me

Initial impact--we both catch air

Dr. Inferno Jr. pulls a backwards wheelie in reverse--so topheavy!

Hanging out behind Lazer Star--gotta look out for the puddles

The doctor going in on Beta Raptor with the poker

Beta Raptor flipped the doctor over the curb--ouch!

Beta Raptor trying to get a lift on the doctor

Beta Raptor goes for an eye gouge--what a cheap shot

Very brave camera work by Peter--risking life & limb

Dr. Inferno Jr. outpowers Beta Raptor onto the curb this time--yeah!

The raptor left high & dry in the bushes

Back at it, trying not to damage any parked cars...

What a couple of good sports Chuck & I are--this was so much fun that we did it again a month or so later in a parking lot behind a KFC in Santa Monica


Duking it out with Bad Habit--he's got the lower scoop here--see the video [image: BattleBots]

The tables turn & Bad Habit gets scooped--see the video [image: BattleBots]

Ramming The Crusher into the spike strip--see the video [image: BattleBots]

The Crusher got revenge and rammed right back, flipping the doc--see the video [image: BattleBots]

It's amazing how much a compact sporty hatchback car can carry: robot, tools, baggage, 2 people

Approaching the world's largest thermometer on the drive from Santa Barbara to Vegas

Our home away from home, the Silverton Casino--I blew my complimentary $5 of gambling chips pretty quickly

I really doubt that our hotel room goes for $1000/night...

The Infernolab setup in the pits--very hectic

No pit area is complete without a vise--it was popular among the other competitors

Get a camera close enough to anything & it looks huge

Dr. Inferno Jr. hawking Infernolab t-shirts in the pits

Secret sticker advertisement never ended up showing--also note the new durable wheels, upgraded since the last competition

Pit crew dude Mike hefting robot parts

Note that I removed the steel hinge guards on the flaps--they just got bent & messed up in San Francisco

The compact base, minus batteries--top flips over & out of the way for easy access to guts

I explained to Bil Dwyer that the Missing Link didn't use wood--unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to use the carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich ballistic armor this time

But I did lend it to Derek for Complete Control--sure, it works great when other bots use it, but when I use it on mine...anyway, I got a free shirt in the deal--sweet

On the long drive back--note sleepiness & parts piled literally to the roof of the car

A truly amazing sunset into which we did drive off...


Robot combat returns to Fort Mason Center [photo: Donna Bardis]

Posing before battle

Adorned with 10 stickers!

Popped the doctor's top for some maintenance

Just a little worse for wear after battle

The stickers took the most damage...

Lost the reciprocating saw's poker

The hinge barbs got a bit bendy

Cheapie ornamental saw blade couldn't take the abuse

"Is it fixed yet, sweetie?"

"He'll be back up & running in no time"

Super pit crew member: the amazing Lauren

Posing with the other Infernolab lightweight, Missing Link before heading into battle

Things got ugly. I had to separate them on the drive to San Francisco


Look at those huge butch shoulders!

Barbs are made from disassembled continuous hinge halves

4 hinged flaps, like Dr. I senior's, but with steel grabbing barbs all around

After I was done machining, I moved the mess to my kitchen table for assembly & fine-tuning

A peek beneath the skin reveals a hefty aluminum skeleton under that pretty plastic

Heavily bestickered, looking like a corporate sellout

Did a final test run in the back yard patio before packing up for San Francisco. All systems go!

Long reciprocating poker, made from a vise lead screw mechanism I found in the machine shop scrap room


Capture the flag against Spike--knocking his cone out of his circle [photo: Lauren Herold]

And the cone's out. Victory! [photo: Lauren Herold]

Giving my opponent an evil glare while setting up Overpowered Box for battle [photo: Lauren Herold]

Adjusting the radio trims to get neutral before setting him down [photo: Lauren Herold]

Duking it out with Elsie, the Box's flush-to-ground skirts catch on the BattleBox floor seams [photo: Lauren Herold]


Side/top view--notice overpowered blinking light on top

Wide front scoop makes for good scooping action

Weight requirement for BotBash forced me to use a tiny scoop in back

Super low profile side view--notice wheel bearings, holes for side flap hinges, and slot for power switch access (and my electric scooter in the back right)

Mesmerizing carbon fiber baseplate--bolt heads visible for fastening motor mounts, radio mount, and aluminum channels

Carbon fiber top, front & back scoops fastened on by piano hinges


Overview of drivetrain: 4 drill motors, 4 wheels, 2 batteries, carbon fiber baseplate

Front view shows how wheels are exposed from front & back of aluminum housings, making it difficult to get hung up

Side view shows holes for piano hinge mounts on sides, slots for power switch access

Head-on front view--only about 3.5" tall--very very short--Everything's bolted to the carbon fiber panel

Short axle supported directly on both sides of the wheel by big bearings

Power switch & shock-mounted Vantec speed controller, aluminum channels severely lightened


An old TOMY Omnibot butler robot--not scary

Stripped & gutted & ready for transformation

El cheapo 18V power drill. Great source for motor, gearhead, battery, charger, etc. all in one package

Removed motor & gearhead, trimmed clutch grip, removed keyless Jacobs chuck to examine wheel mounting possibilities

Machined 4 plexiglas motor mounts--snazzy!

A hose clamp will hold the motor to the mount, which will be held to the baseplate

Same thing, rear view, minus the hose clamp

The 4 steps of turning R/C airplane wheels into robot wheels

1-machine a custom shaft collar w/ pins & holes

2-remove wheel's axle, assemble 1 shaft collar loosely

3-remove wheel hub, clamp together pair of shaft collars

4-sandwich shaft collars around tire, putting 4 pins through 4 tire holes & through collar holes on other side

Removed drill chuck, made steel axle to thread onto gearbox output shaft, with hole drilled through for cotter pin

Shaft-to-gearbox connection assembled: screwed together then pinned

Wheel slides onto shaft, holds on tight via 4 clamping screws



Weapon #1: the reciprocating saw, modified to hold various weapons

Opened up, trigger assembly removed, ready to adapt to hold various weapons

More power! Hacked it to run off of a 14.4V battery pack, not a 12V

Weapon #2: el cheapo 18V circular saw--removed trigger & handle, painted flat black

Saw this @ Toys R Us and had to buy it--would make for a great "weapon"

Disassembled with moderate care on the kitchen table

All I wanted was the head...the rest of the body was ditched--I made a hardened steel pointy "tongue" to go inside

The collection of joke weapons: robot dog head, kid-size boxing glove, nasty BBQ spatula
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