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 Disko Inferno Image Gallery

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Lifter all the way up (range of motion provides for self-righting), & note sprocket guard

Lifter down, antenna folded close to body & tucked into guard, red urethane bump stops prevent lifter from intefering with spinner

Spinner: teeth are keyed into disk, not just bolted on

Profile view: only about 5 inches tall!

Lifter t ail posed in scorpion mode, ready to strike!


Lifter motor guard & lifter base. Note recessed power switches & LED power indicator lights

Lifter also has urethane bump stops at bottom to avoid tweaking the floorpan. Holes drilled into back wall for cooling fan airflow

One charging jack was installed in the small hole just fore of the left rear gearbox

The other charging jack & the antenna

Disko Inferno is so thin that the 2" diameter motors stuck out & needed protective covers!



SolidWorks CAD model with hidden lines dimmed. Note pointed tapers on teeth that didn't end up in the final build

CAD model with hidden lines shown--note all the batteries!

CAD model with hidden lines hidden

Titanium cover & side body panels

2 giant pillow blocks for lifter tail, and titanium motor guards for weapon motors

All components are attached to the cover & walls, for easy access by removing the floorpan: weapon motors, speed controllers, and cooling fans

Weapons installed!

Comparison of CAD models & the real build
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