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 2A Image Gallery

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2A battling the Donkey in the trade show arena [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

Pretty short remote control range required contortions [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

The nimbler Donkey trying to turn off 2A from behind [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

2A & Donkey ended up tying overall after 3 draws [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

All the bots, creators, and trophies [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

LEGO had a great trade show booth/arena for us [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]

Dr. Inferno hung out at the main LEGO booth [photo: Dan Danknick]

LEGO had a huge area with Mindstorms, video games, droids, etc. [photo: Dan Danknick]

My new best friend [photo: Dan Danknick]


Remote control transmitter had 2 RCXs to control 6 separate functions

Ergonomically contoured hand grips!

6 pushbuttons can control 6 separate functions


One side of drivetrain & its forward/reverse switch

Drivetrain bottom--easy access to RCX batteries

The scooper's tread drive system & pneumatic lifters

Bottom view of scooper lifter pneumatics

Under the scooper: air tanks, more pneumatic pistons, motors to drive scooper belts

Pneumatic air tanks, manual pumper, and lift/drop switch

An electric motor drove the pneumatic switch to raise/lower the scooper

The cybergranny sits atop the 48 AA batteries right behind the air compressors


Scooper on left, drivetrain on right, entire scooper assembly is hinged to ride flush to the floor

8 motors drive the scoop treads, 8 motors run 2 pairs of wheels

Green scoops are old baseplates, 8 conveyor belts on scooper drag other robots up

Pneumatic pistons shown on right, beefy reinforced drivetrain chassis on left

Going batty during the pre-event all-nighter [photo: Jessica Lehrbaum]


Original concept was to draw other bots in with sprung conveyer belt "pincers"

Motors drove pincer belts inward

Low profile design with tank treads all around (it had too much friction to turn well at all)

Original model had only 1 motor for each drive tread & 1 RCX computer

Prototype bot & controller & original working model of Towering Inferno (on left) [photo: Donna Bardis]


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